St. John - Summer 2006

These are some photo's from our visit to St. John USVI in July 2006.

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Birthday Party

Grandpa Bass' birthday party the first evening


Granspa opens his presents

Sara & Annie

Grandma to Annie is like gasoline to a fire

Amanda & Kaity Boating

What a sneaky older sister!

The Crew

Gilligan would be proud of this crew

Amanda Cousteau

Amanda returns to the boat after snorkeling

Annie and the Iguanas

She's pretty trusting to turn her back on all those iguanas

Erin and Tiara

Enjoying our day sail

Annie Boating

Annie enjoys the day on the boat

Kai Boating

I stayed near the helm in case the captain needed some advice

Lynn & Annie

Enjoying the boat ride


We made several stops during our day sail to snorkel

Kevyn & Kazumi

Enjoying the day sail

The Life

This is the life...

The Sullivans

Our friends the Sullivans enjoy the day sailing

Bourdeau Moutain

The view from Bourdeau Mountain

Kaity Braids

New braids for Kaity

Amanda's New Braids

Amanda get's some new hair braids.

Erins Braids

Erin gets her new braids. I think it hurt worse than the dentist.

Complete Braids

Erin shows off her new braids by the pool

Sara Braids

Sara getting her new braids

Caribbean Night

Night falls outside our terrific view. St. Thomas is lit up in the distance.


These caterpillars had nearly devoured this tree. Each was about 4" long.

Chicken Hunter

The chicken never had a chance (he's a PhD you know)

The Catch

Posing by our newly imprisoned chicken

Colorful Shop

The colorful shop at the top of Bourdeau Mountain

Bird Play

Erin and Patrick play amongst the seaguls at Caneel Bay

Iguana Feeding

Erin feeds the iguanas

Erin at Trunk

Erin poses with "Cinnamon" over Trunk Bay


Trying to get Esmerelda to dance

Feeding Donkeys

I think Erin fed every animal she found on the island

Beach Pose

The girls posing at the beach

In the Pool

The girls playing at the Westin pool

Kaity of the Iguanas

Kaity had no reservations about wandering amongst the iguanas


Even as beautiful as the islands were, Kaity spent a lot of time reading


The girls help Kim build a sandcastle

Our Balcony

Erin and Grandma Sara enjoying the evening view

Pool Cleaner

Erin cleans the pool in her PJ's!


Repo loved Amie, but tried to bite everyone else

Junior Architects

They look pretty intense

Got Crab?

A St. John Hermit Crab

Got Iguana?

A St. John iguana hanging around until feeding time

Window View

A "stitched" panorama of the view out our room