Pool Project February 27 - March 3

The pool is really taking shape now.  Now that the pool itself is formed they begin to add the coping, waterfall, and tile.

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The Formed Pool

Here the pool os completely formed, but is still just a concrete shell surrounded by dirt.

Formed Entry

Here is the beacj entry and the view back to the house.


This worker is sawing the flagstone by hand to form the right shapes to make the coping around the edge of the pool. The beach entry is also flagstone. Dust is everywhere!

Coping and Waterfall

Here you can see the coping in place and the waterfall. The side of the hot tub shows best how the flagstone will look.


Amie and Erin review the days additions and give the final approval.

New Equipment

Here is all the new equipment they installed (so far). There are 4 pumps, a filter, a 400,000 BTU gas heater, lots of valves and guages...

Command Center

This is the main control panel. You can control everything from here. There will also be wireless remotes for inside and outside.

Hot Tub

Although it's still a mess, you can see the step and two-level seating inside the hot tub. The old sewer pipe is still there, but it is no longer connected.

Hot Tub Mini-Waterfall

The water flows out of the hot tub over this mini cascading waterfall. You can also see the "step-outs" on either side of the hot tub. These can be used to step out of the deeper end of the pool.

Inside the pool

The inside of the pool is still a mess. We still need plaster. The pool lights are hanging from their sockets. Each has enough cable that they can be pulled up out of the water, should the bulbs need changed.

Forms for Decking

Now we have all the forms and rebar in place for all the decking around the pool.

Behind the Waterfall

From behind the waterfall you can see the piping to feed the main waterfall and also the "weeping rocks". Eventually, we'll hide all this with landscaping.