Pool Project - March 8-17

In this sequence you can see the pool is about finished and we start work on putting the yard back together and adding landscaping.

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Filling the Pool

The plaster is on the sides and bottom of the pool now and we have begun to fill it with water (the plaster cures with water in the pool). The yard is still a mess.

The Fill Line

Although there is a "fill line" built into the pool, initially the pool is filled from a hoze with a rag wrapped around the nozzle. This prevents a steady stream of water from eroding a groove into the still soft plaster.


The pool is full. Although the plaster is white, is all appears cool-blue with the water added. I'm brushing the plaster, which must be done twice daily for the first two weeks.

Amanda Swims

Amanda takes her first swim even though the water is still about 65 degrees.

Erin Dips

Erin is a little more timid with the cold water.

Stump Removal

Amanda helps me cut out some old stumps from the yard.

View from the Porch

The last of the flagstone is in place. Here is the view from our back porch. There is still a lot of landscaping to do, but it already looks pretty good!

View Across

This view from the side of the yard shows all the decking we added by the house. This should give us more room to lounge and entertain.

Sitting at the Table

This view shows how things look from our little table by the hot tub.

Clean Beds

Here we've cleaned out the side plant bed and re-shaped it a but to make it more interesting. We have to add some more plants and also re-do the sprinkler system. Then we can re-sod.


It seems Andy is always present at every step of the project. I think he's the only one of us who doesn't get tired!

Erin and Andrew

Here Erin and Andrew (her friend from three doors down) enjoy a swim. The water has warmed up a little, but it's still too cold for me.