Pool Project - Final Results

Here are some photo's of the finished project.  We are all enjoying our new pool!!

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View from the Porch

This is the view from our back porch in the late afternoon.

View From our Table

This is the view from our patio table by the hot tub.

View from the Back Corner

Here is the view from the back corner of our yard (a vantage similar to a "before" photo I took).

From the Side Yard

View from the side of the yard.

View From the Chairs

Here is the view you would see in the late afternoon sitting in the two deck chairs in the corner of the yard.

Back of the House

Here you can see how the back of the house has changed. Check out my new outdoor speakers!


Erin and her Dolphin


A close-up view of the new waterfall. It looks pretty and makes a nice background sound to drown-out any city noises.

Erin on the Beach

The Hair Flip

Erin's infamous "hair flip".

Andy Swims

Jessie Swims


Here the waterfall is turned on and you can also see the beach "fountain" and the weeping wall.