Pool Project - February 24-25

At 6:30 a.m. on February 24th about 8 guys arrived with the worlds noisiest piece of machinery and 5 trucks full of Gunite.  Despite pouring rain they completed forming our pool.

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Spraying Gunite

Here you can see them spraying in the gunite over the rebar and forms.


A closer shot of the gunite spraying onto the forms. It looked like it took significant effort to handle the powerful nozzle/spray.

Forming the sides

Here he is spraying to form the side of the deep end. You can also see why they erected those plastic shields.


After they would spray for a while, they basically "formed" the shape of the pool using hand tools.

Almost Done

Here you can see they've about finished. The white tarps protected the fresh gunite from the pouring rain.


Finishing covering their fresh work.


This is the view from our back porch now. What a mess the rain and the work has left. Later in the day, I drained about 60 gallons from this puddle (so the dogs wouldn't wreck our house with mud).

The Shape

Now you can see what the completed shape looks like. There are a lot of features left to add, but this is the shell.