Pool Project - February 21-22

Here the "heavy construction" has begun.  It's too late to back out gracefully.  They removed at least 5 truckloads of dirt from our yard while digging this huge hole.  However, now you can really see how it's going to sit in the yard.

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They are starting to dig the hole (approximately) where the outline was.


They bought in this tiny bulldozer that was pretty much swallowed by the hole. However, it was quite maneuverable and suited to the job. How will that little dozer remove that huge stump?


Erin stands with our Project Manager (and company owner), Paul Comeaux, while the little dozer does it's thing. That black pipe on the ground is our sewer line. It crossed the yard right through the deep end - but the dozer took care of that.

The Stump

Here is the huge stump of that pine tree. It took the little dozer and the backhoe working together to load the beast into the dump truck.

The Whole Hole

Here's our neighbor, Andrew, in the deep end of the pool. I'm thinking we can just add the water now and save a lot of $'s!


The hole looks a lot bigger than I imagined. However, I can breath a sigh of relief since I'm now satisfied we placed the hole correctly in the yard!

From the Back

Looking back at the house over the deep end of the pool. On the left side will be the hot tub. You can see I've placed blue masking tape on the wall marking where we will add French doors into the master bedroom.


You can now see all the wire reinforcing bar they've added. The white pipe across the middle is our temporary sewer line (yuck).

Beach Entry

You can see how the rebar outlines our beach entry!

Long View

Looking across the "pool" longwise. The "notch" in the forms closest to us is for a "skimmer". There will be one on the other side of the pool also.

Chicken Wire Hot Tub

The rebar outlines the shape of our hot tub. And there's our temporary sewer line running right through the middle!


Amie and Amanda in the "rock yard" picking out the stone to be used for the coping and some accent areas in the decking.

The Winner

Here is a sample area that looks a lot like the stone they picked. Amie wants to try and use more of the darker stone and fewer of the lighter ones. Do you think they'll make her pick out each and every rock?


Kai looks over the now pre-plumbed pool. All of the white tubes are various "feeds", "returns", etc. They don't go anywhere yet, but these pipes are positioned so they can "gunite" (fancy pool word meaning 'concrete' I think) around them.

Top of the World, Ma!

Who needs a pool. We have our own construction site in our back yard!

Queen Erin

Erin is Queen of the Hill. We added the orange construction fence for effect - well, and also so the dogs wouldn't run out of the yard. You can see the skimmer is now in place. The pipe on the left is set for a "bubbling return" in the beach entry.