Pool Project - February 15-19

These pictures show the beginning stages of construction.  You can start to get an idea of what we are in for, but here it is not too late to back out.

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Marked for Death

There's one tree in the yard that is right in the middle of the pool outline and has to go. They'll leave the stump (up to the orange line) so the bulldozer can push it over.


You can see the tree is now missing. This tree towered over our house. I have no clue how they cut it down without destroying our home. It's probably best I was not there to watch.

Missing Tree

Another shot of the missing tree.


Here is the outline (painted and staked) of our pool design. To me this looked like a chalk outline of a murdered pool.

Outline 2

Another view of the "pool crime scene".

From the Back

In this view it's quite obvious the tree is gone and you can start to see how much space the pool will take. At this point I'm really starting to second-guess if we've outline the hole in the right spot.