Our Trip to Chicago and Indiana - July 2006

These are some photo's we took on our trip back to Indiana for Amie's (Kinsey) family reunion.  We flew into Chicago and spent the first 1 1/2 days exploring.  On our way through Indiana we picked up Kaity and visited as many people as we could.

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Subway Ride

We took the subway ("the El") in and out of town in Chicago.

Amanda and the Bean

This is Amanda and her reflection in the "Bean" at Millenium Park

Millenium Park Theater

Interesting architecture at Millenium Park Theater in Chicago. What were they thinking?

Amanda's First Bucket of Beer

Here's Amanda at Dick's Last Resort. Actually, they put all of our drinks in the bucket. We'll have to re-take the photo when she turns 21.

The Anchor

Erin and Amanda pose at the anchor at Navy Pier.

Erin at Dick's

Erin relaxing by the Chicago River at Dick's Last Resort.

Exploring Chicago

Erin coming up on the Chicago Theater

Chicago River

Viewing the Chicago River

Sun on the River

The sun reflects off the Chicago River. BTW - it's not so windy...

The Bean

The gigantic chrome "bean" at Millenium Park.


The girls are dwarfed by tall buildings in downtown Chicago.


A seagul at Navy Pier (kinda artsy, don't you think).

John Hancock Building

Looking back at the John Hancock building from Navy Pier.

Face of Chicago?

Millenium park featured these giant animated faces in glass block obelisks. This one spat water on the children playing in the reflecting pool.

Boo and Chuck

Forced to pose for our camera in front of their porch!

Relaxing at Chucks

We ate outside and had a long chat. Bonnie's brother stopped by.

Boo and the Boys

Bonnie gets sandwiched between Chuck and Kai.

Playing in the Lake

Nick helps the girls out swimming.

Paddle Boat

The girls getting their exercise in the paddle boat.

Traila Vista View

The view off the deck at Traila Vista.

Amie and Debbie

Chatting on the deck at Traila Vista.

Visiting the Graves

Joyce, Amie, and Erin visiting Jamie and Gayle.

Visiting Gayle

Amie and Amanda visit Gayle's grave.

At the Kinsey Reunion

Apparently, all Kinsey's act the same way when you hand them a microphone...

The Reunion

Each of the sibling brought up their part of the family, gave introductions, and told stories.

Amie's Immediate Family

A family picture at the reunion in Markle.

More Family

Add in some inlaws and grandkids...

Our Family

Just us at the reunion.


The "original" Kinsey clan - Paul poses with his siblings.

Amie Slides

Amie relives her childhood as she tackles the "big slide" at the quarry/pool in Markle.


Erin and Ciana practice their synchronized diving.

Jon and Tim

Jon and Tim relaxing by the quarry in Markle.

Chris and the Girls

The girls invade Chris' personal space!

Kai and Chris

Posing with Chris at her place in South Bend.