Florida - July 2007

Here are some photo's from our visit to The Villages, Florida in July 2007.



The Lamp Post

Welcome to Kinsey's!

Grandman Sara with Kaity and Amanda

Grandma Sara and Erin

Let the Games Begin

The girls played many card games.

Rummay Whatever

I think Grandma must have been losing because she had the girls switch games.

Amanda Hiding

Does she think that we can't see her?

Amanda and Erin Driving

Anybody see the police anywhere?

Kaity Reading

A common picture on any of our vacations!

Lake Griffin

A view over the golf course of the lake.

Town Square

Villages Shopping

Viallages Building

An example of the architecture off the town square.

Erin Petting Horses

Amanda Feeding the Horses

Amanda with the Horses

Amanda was very gentle with the horses.

Erin with the Horses

Kaity with the Horses

Amie with the Horses

Florida Flower

Me trying to be creative with a photo of a flower in Kinsey's back yard.

Florida Sunset

Again, me trying to be creative.


Amie enjoying a libation.


Amie and Erin Carting

Which one is having more fun?


Amie on the pier at Lake Sumter

Amie Again

Another good shot of Amie on the pier. Erin took this shot!

Amanda and Grandma Sara

Amanda and Grandma Sara on the pier at Lake Sumter.

Erin at Lake Sumter

Looks like she's super-imposed, doesn't it?

Florida Gecko

Unfortunately, this is the "wildlife" these days.

Gator Trap

Now THAT is a sand trap! I'm not sure which iron I would use here - maybe all of them.


Everybody on the pier at Lake Sumter.

Kai and Amie

Erin captured us here on the pier.

Kaity and Amanda

Kaity Close-Up

Erin snapped this extra-close shot of Kaity.

Lake Sumter Sunset

Amanda took this photo of the sunset at Lake Sumter.

Lake Sumter

The Pier at Night

The Lake Sumter pier at nightfall.

Street View

Typical Steet view at The Villages - miles of golf carts!

Street View at Night

Ready for the Villages nightlife?

Paul and Joyce

Kai and Sara

Me and Mom! She's spreading rumors that she beat me at golf!